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    RotoBrush Tool (Applications & Techniques) ~ HELP WANTED ~


      I have recently been attempting to use the rotobrush tool to apply a background in some video footage. I am having trouble making the effect last over time. I want the effect that I map out to apply throughout the composition and it seems to just be applied to the one frame. I have tried extending all the paths to the end of the comp but to no avail. If someone could just provide me a brief outline of how to do this successfully it would be helpful. I am attempting to replace a white background and keep the person speaking at the forefront of the footage. I have been successful in using the tool and mapping out what I want to save vs. what I'd like to replace it's just making what I map out last the entire comp that's giving me a hang-up. Any help is appreciated. These forums have really helped me learn the program and I intend to interact on an educational level as well when my knowledge base is more advanced! Thanks!