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    Error in importing Word docs


      Hi All....


      I find problem in importing word document to RoboHelp. The screen shows an error saying "The import word document  wizard cannot locate a supported version of Microsoft Word. Please install Microsoft Word 2000 or newer." But i have Word 2010 installe din my PC. How do i fix this?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Please see the Sticky Topic Before You Post and note the section Include the Edition and Version.


          It sounds like you have a version of RoboHelp prior to RoboHelp 9, which was the first version to support Word 2010.


          If you don't have a compatible version, you need to either upgrade RoboHelp or install a compatible version of Word. You can install that alongside other versions.


          Whenever you switch versions of Word, your PC will be reconfigured for that version, it does not take long. Whenever you want to generate printed documentation, before you open RoboHelp you need to open and close the compatible version of Word, unless you are sure it was the last version of Word that was run on the PC.


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