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    Time to get my hands dirty?

    LouWrench Level 1

      Hi all Digital Publishers

      I have been working with InDesign (basic layout and typesetting) for print for a few years now (freelance, part-time)!


      The stuff I have been doing is for school textbooks.


      It is now obvious that iPads, Kindles, laptops etc. will become ever increasing tools for education. I am therefore attempting to get "my hands dirty" and train myself in the use of Digital Publishing Suite. I have seen a couple of videos, but nothing one could call a training manual. Where would you suggest I look to a) get started and b) get up to speed?


      I have installed and updated Folio Builder in InDesign CS5 on a iMac 10.7.3. I have existing books in ID to convert, or should they be re-targeted to DPS?


      Your advice would be appreciated