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    Works locally but not on server

    CrazyMerlin Level 1
      Hey peeps!

      I have a media player that gets passed in some values as flashVars.
      The application works fine when I run it from flash (CS3) but when I upload it to a server it runs but doesn't connect to the media.

      If you look here: http://sneeple.com/media_test/index.html you will see the player and it alerts that it cannot connect to the media at this location: http://www.sneeple.com/vg_rpc/rpc_media.php?mid=1

      If you look at that url it checks whether access is allowed to the media item, establishes that it is not and returns this url: http://www.sneeple.com/no_access.swf

      Now individually all of those work, but when I put them together they don't.

      Now because if correctly alerts the url that it fails to load, there is nothing wrong with the data being passed in (domain and mid).

      Thanks for any and all help.


      The function that runs on load is this: