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    Premiere CS 5.5 - audio export problem

    renized Level 1

      I am running into a weird problem today.

      I have a few premiere projects and am rendering quicktime.

      I am able to render all projects but in one, the audio just does not get exported.

      I have also tried copying the sequence and pasting in a  new premiere project.

      Nothing helps. I am on a n extremely tight deadline - would appreciate help.



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          renized Level 1

          So there are 2 problems I am facing.

          (1) Export hangs.

          (2) If QT renders but no audio.


          The audio-video export hangs around specific seconds (not exact frame) but within 2 seond range.

          There's a PSD on timeline around that timeframe. I removed it and tried rendering without it. Didn't help.

          Switched off all audio and tried export - i still hangs.


          I copy the sequence, create a new premiere project, paste the copied sequence and exported to QT (both audio-video).

          The export goes successfully - does not hang, however QT does not have any audio.

          Then I try export again from this new premiere file, with the same settings, the export hangs around the same area as before.

          I tried creating a new premiere file with copied sequence three times - it's the same thing - export goes through first time, but does not have any audio. And export hangs after first time.


          Any suggestions.

          Thanks. D

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            renized Level 1

            After trying many different things - creating new projects, new sequences, eliminating one asset at a time to find if the problem was in some asset, clearing cache, unchecking the write XMP when file is imported box in preferences/media - I was finally able to render the video + audio successfully for that one project. I believe the problem was with two audio files. Here's what worked:


            1) Clear cache

            2) Uncheck "write XMP..." in preferences/media

            3) Quit premiere pro

            4) Copy the 2 audio files in a different folder and change the file name

            5) Restart premiere and open the project

            6) Replace footage file by linking the 2 audio files to files on new location

            7) Save project

            8) Render

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              i suddenly ran into the same (or a similar) problem within premiere cs 5.5:


              copied a sequence to clipboard, opened a new project, pasted into a new sequence, took that sequence and used it in another sequence. for those who wonder why i do it this way: the copied an pasted sequence is an intro (i will call it "intro" sequence). i wanted to reuse this sequence in a simple way in many projects (i will call it the "cut" sequence)...


              while audio played back fine in the timeline, it was not exported. i recognized too, that the waveform was not displayed in the timeline of the "cut" sequence.


              BUT: i found a solution that worked for me


              simply click "sequence->render audio" in the "cut" sequence before exporting. after that, the waveform will show up in the timeline and audio will export the way expected!

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Yes, problems with Copy/Paste do crop up, and usually with the Audio. This thread: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1100893?tstart=0 is but an example.


                My remote guess would be that something causes the Clip's reference to un-link from the necessary CFA, and PEK files, that are created in the Media Cache, when the Conforming process is run at Import.


                In my readings, and personal observations, the problem is not constant, and seems to crop up, rather randomly - even working fine for awhile, and then surfacing later, rather than instantly, upon Paste, all the time.


                Glad that you got your issue handled, and thanks for reporting on how you cured it.


                Good luck,



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                  This is now august 2014 !!! Almost two years after this problem was reported. I'am trying a CS6 thing and never had this problem until now when I dropped what seems to be a killer issue: 3 different sources of digital files into one sequence. I never used different cameras, but I received some full HD files. One audio only from Zoom recorder (was 1,411 kbps...), one AV Quicktime mov from a Cannon EOS 70 D and one AV MTS AVCHD from a Sony PMW 100.


                  The report is the same: no problem importing and editing but no way to export audio, neither only in wav or mp3, neither with the video. As people noticed, unmarking "export audio" your video edition was exported as ever.


                  No hardware issue too, as things evolved form 2011-12 and now I'm using I7 with 8 fast cores, 8 GB DDR3, SSD SATA 3 hard drive only for editing, and a 960 cuda cores Video Card. So, all the previous "weak hardware" and "re install" things were WRONG!


                  thyl0r's reply is the only correct thing at this issue. I tried others (no re install, of course) and they failed. I made the - simply click "sequence->render audio" - and my despair vanished in less than a minute. This answer has to be incorporated to Premiere's FAQ. Thank you thyl0r whoever you are.

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                    davidclabaugh Level 1

                    I came across this problem as well and it seems to have something to do with the system audio.  I was actually working with a After effects project which was taking way to long to render(7 Hours) I accidentally rendered the comp without audio and when i woke up found my video clip with no audio. I thought to bring the audio and video into Premiere and since have been encountering this problem(can hear the audio in premiere but nothing on the render), the funny thing, is that, after trying all of the above steps(Sequence - Render Audio) nothing  worked so I took my clips into Ableton Live and lo and behold there was already audio on the video clip that Ableton could see(So premiere did render the audio), but suddenly there was no sound coming from Ableton(I produced the original audio there the night before) I could see my waveforms, I could see levels, but no sound.  This must have something to do with how Premiere is accessing the OS Audio, as I can hear the audio in Premiere, but when i play the clip in any other program there is only silence.  I am going to restart and will update once i have found my own solution to the sounds of silence.

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                      Seriously! I did all that and it still didn't work. And then a friend gave me a hint. If there is somebody else who after all this is not able to even render the sequences as a whole: copy paste all the sequences in a new project. (You must add all the original videos and songs to the project to link them of course). and there you go. feeling like your mum just asked if your computer is plugged in. yes mum it is.


                      cheers and happy editing!