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    Renaming XDCAM Files

    Noberto.Clarkos Level 1



      Recently moved onto a tapeless workflow after using DVCPRO HD tapes. Now I am using XDCAM EX shooting onto SXS cards. I am using CS5.5 by the way on Windows.


      Now I liked logging and capturing my footage from tapes and it is possibly the "ease" of dragging and dropping my footage onto my system that makes me uneasy, a teething issue perhaps with the changeover. All my files are called "062_0162_01" then "062_0162_02" and so on. Now, I can rename my clips in my bin in Premiere, but when the time comes in a years time say when I have to reconvene this project, and the file names don't match what is in my bin to what the real files are called, this could create a problem? Is there a way similar to After Effects where you can change the "layer" instead of the "source" clip and then it is easier for finding the shot you want without disrupting anything? (If there isn't and then Adobe decides to do this, I want some royalties!)


      I understand on FCP there is a log and transfer option which you can selectively import the files you need and I am also aware the reason for this is because it doesn't support native editing. So I guess my main concern is do I carry on as I have started or get used to the fact that clip "062_0162_01" is what I would normally have named "John Smith PTC001".


      I hope that makes sense!


      Thank you in advance.