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    Why font styles fail to work


      I am using Windows 7. In Indesign 5.0 some fonts do not appear with their styles. For example, a particular font has 4 variants (Normal, Bold, Bold Italic and Italic). But only one style appears in Indesign.

      I have tried to put all the four fonts in Indesign > fonts folder also. Yet it fails.

      Can anybody help.

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          What font in particular? An Adobe, or other repuatble font foundry, or "something from the web"?

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            paithiam Level 1

            I am talking about SwitzerlandCondensed. I don't remember how it landed on my system. I do not find manufacturer detail in that font. It just shows "v1.0c".

            To solve the problem temporarily, I used Swis 721Cn BT. This font also belongs to the same category, but it works fine in all four variants in Indesign.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              When I google it I find Switzerland Condensed on a bunch of free font sites, but none of the reputable paid sites. I found one reference to a Corel copyright, so there's a good chance this was or is distributed with Corel Draw.


              In any case, scroll through the font list. ID sometimes lists different parts of the same families separately (I suspect this is due to the way the font foundry identifies them internally).

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                paithiam Level 1

                Mr. Peter

                That I have tried. I have installed all the variants of the font (about 16 or so) in Indesign > fonts folder. Yet it failed.

                I am surprised with one thing - Similar font is Swis 721CnBT, not from repute foundry. But it works fine.

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                  Les ONeill Level 2

                  Swiss721CnBT IS from a reputable (in the sense of 'well made' fonts) foundry ie. BT = Bitstream

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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    Swiss 721 BT is a Bitstream font that ships with CorelDRAW.



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                      [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                      "SwitzerlandCondensed", on the other hand, sounds like a cheap copy -- or even a ripped-off version (of, possibly, a cheap copy).


                      Cheap Copiers don't take the time and effort to fill in all required fields necessary to uniquely identify fonts and still maintain proper linkage between its variants. InDesign is very careful in accepting such fonts, and if there is reason not to use it, it won't show up in ID's font list. (But even then it's known to sometimes choke on such malformed fonts.)


                      Only with some very careful and time-consuming cross-checking of every single parameter in the fonts you could solve this -- and to "repair" it needs a deep knowledge of the font file format. For this case, I simply would not bother:


                      Advice #1: don't use any such fonts.

                      Advice #2: don't attempt to use this font in particular. You've already found reasons not to.