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    Problem in Flex Builder UI After Installing Flex 3

      So, here's an interesting issue. And my apology in advance if it has been reported before. But I have spent the better part of two days installing / uninstalling / cleaning / reinstalling. Nevertheless, still having the problem with Flex Builder 3:

      After launching Flex Builder 3, I create a new project and 'right click" on the project name in the Flex Navigator in order to launch the 'Properties' dialog. Under the Resource Tab of the Properties page, various fields are truncated and the combo boxes are all jacked up. In fact on the Flex Build Path tab, it is completely blank. Basically, throughout the Flex Builder IDE, I have various fields missing or acting strangely.

      So... to this point I have pretty much uninstalled, uninstalled the JRE (thinking this is related to java), cleaned the system registry, uninstalled flash players, edited the flexbuilder.ini with a "-clean", installed Vista Updates (so now this system is on SP1) basically... I have done everything humanly possible short of formating the system to start fresh.

      Running Windows Vista x64 ; 8GB of RAM; NVidia 8800 Video Card.

      To ensure I wasn't completely losing my mind... I have installed on a notebook system and everything ran like a charm. So, having scoured through these forums and googling the issue to death... I just can't seem to come up with the answer.

      If anyone can help me it would be supremely appreciated!!!
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          slaingod Level 1
          You are probably also using the SetPoint logitech drivers on Vista x64, which have a known conflict with Eclipse 3.3.

          The 'solution' is to a) get rid of the drivers (but I love my DiNovo Edge!) or b) Use Eclipse 3.4M4 and the plugin. However, this isn't fully supported, so they are sometimes issues, particularly with design mode, so generally I use FB3, and then switch to eclipse when I need to change a setting (not optimal I know, but not as frequent as all that, average once a day for me). Or simply edit the settings with a text editor.

          Or c) run virtualization like VMWARE etc. and just do it all in x86.

          (Caveat I have never tried a) personally, but have read that it does work.)
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            BizDev2A Level 1
            Wow... who would have thought. Indeed it ws related to actually a couple of things. 1. Had to remove the SetPoint Logitech Drivers (not a huge loss really - it was more of a gaming thing for me). 2. I run dual screen and had been using a product called Ultramon to extend the windows taskbar.

            Once I uninstalled SetPoint and closed Ultramon - Whammo... Flex worked perfectly. Good news though, can still keep my Logitech G15 drivers in place for that occasional Worlds of Warcraft diversion.

            Thank you very much Slaingod!