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    Mercury Playback Engine GPU acceleration

    MJFeliciano Level 1

      I'm planning on configuring a workstation to run both Premiere Pro CS6 and Davinci Resolve 9. It will be optimized to take advantage of the GPU-Cuda acceleration offered with both programs. As per Blackmagic Design recommendations, you need 2 GPUs, one for the Graphical User Interface and one (cuda) for the real processing. For example, you can have (on the Mac) a GT-120 for the GUI and a Quadro 4000 for the heavy processing. The first one is going to drive the computer monitor/s and the second one shouldn't be connected to any monitor at all, a "headless GPU" if you will.


      Since I'm planning to move back and forward between this two programs, I was wondering if Premiere Pro can work like Davinci Resolve: Use the GT-120 for the GUI display and the second card, in this case a Quadro 4000, for optimum MPE acceleration with Cuda.


      Any one experienced with a similar setup?