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    WMV file from GoToWebinar



      I have a file for editing in Premiere. I am on a Windows 7, 64bit operating system with a 500GB hard drive and 8GB of ram which even though is not too much but normally I get things done with these specs.


      I am editing a file I got from my client which is in WMV format. Initially I was not even able to play it back in Windows Media Player as there was only audio and no video. Then I tried to import this in Premiere and got an error "This file has an unsupported compression type".


      I then explored the website of GoToMeeting and found that a codec called (G2M3 decoder) would be required to play it back. After installing this codec, now I am abale to view this in Windows Media Player only. Premiere is still not allowing it to import in the project.


      This is a new buyer and I don't want to screw this project up in the very beginning and doing my hardest to figure out a way that could allow this piece of video to be imported in Premiere, if not in WMV format then in any other acceptable format, of course by using some converter.


      So, do you have any advice for me? Please respond at your earliest and oblige.