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    Cannot get RH8 to open a file browse window (nor open a file from menu)

    Avaya - TW

      I stumbled across this issue just yesterday, it is only RoboHelp that has the problem... no other applications on the PC are doing this.


      When I was attempting to replace an image by clicking image properties, then using the "browse" or file location button on top right of the image properties window... first the window would grey out (as though a new window was going to/had opened)... then... nothing.


      all control was taken away from the app, from the window/palette before me (the image properteis window)... so I eventually discovered that I could regain control by hitting "esc" key... which made me think that the software "thought" a window was open... or somehow it was opening beyond my viewable are of the desktop... so I pulled back to only one monitor... still nothing.


      I cannot find the window if it is opening to browse for image files...


      Also... I cannot even see a window open when I click "Open" from the file menu!


      Anyone?  Just happened yesterday...


      Have noticed some updates/upgrades for Adobe Air, Acrobat maybe? 


      I'm stuck... cannot do work right now.