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    problems with creating long concertina/ Accordion books


      The idea is to create a concertina/accordian book that is printed on one side. I'm all designed but have it on a3 portrait pages rearrange together in the "pages" tool so it looks like a concertina book, but problems when exporting.


      I Have tried copying the images and copy from the A3 portait pages to a 420mm x 5m and it wouldnt let me create the document. So I am now working on a document with the widest width possible and will have to attach after print.


      Problem is now, that i cant export it.


      Can I print from indesign at good quality? (300dpi?)


      is there a way of exporting to pdf?


      What is the best way to go about printing a very wide document, designed by indesign?



      Please help!




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I'm afraid I'm not following your desrciption, at all. Some screen captures of things like the Pages Panel  and the document window might help. You can embed an image in your posts by using the camera icon onthe web page like this:



          Perhaps you can also clarify waht you are doing. What is the finished size of this book? How will it be bound?


          What is the page size in the Document Setup?


          I can't think of a reason why the Page Tool would be helpful here unless each page is a different size, so can you explain what it is you did with it? Or perhaps I misunderstood your original post and you mean you've arranged your pages into groups in the Pages panel?