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    Issue with events not propagating when selecting toolbar items


      Hey All,


      I'm on OS X Lion using CS6 beta and observing events in Photoshop form an outside application using Cocoa's NSEvent#addGlobalMonitorForEventsMatchingMask.


      It seems Photoshop is stoping the propogation of some events coming out of selection of toolbar items. Here's the issue:


      There are two ways to select the Pencil tool from the toolbar. (Method A) I can click the Paintbrush, holding down for a second and releasing, then mouse move to the Pencil and click, OR (Method B) I can mouse down the on the Paintbrush and drag the mouse to the Pencil.


      If I use Method A I get what seems to be every event associated with the interaction, BUT If I use Method B Photoshop seems to stop the propogation of a lot of drag events.


      Are there any experts out there that have an knowledge of why this is, or if there are any known work arounds?





      ps This is also an isue in Photoshop 5