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    Problem with changing flash content - Need help

    Jessy_9 Level 1

      I need help in changing  the flash content. Here is my proble,

      1) I bought a flash template (I will call this Original) from a website and paid some money to customize my menu,logo and background color.

      2) After they finished it they sent me several files. Like 1) index.html, .swf, psd, .fla. In all the files .html,.swf (the video) and .psd I am seeing my customize changes (logo,menu and background color). But the .fla file they sent me is still shows everything from original template. It doesn't have my logo, menu or background color.

      3) I asked their technical support and they walk me through. a) Open the .fla file in flash pro. b) Change the content c) Hit Ctrl+Enter and it will export the new .swf file to the flash folder. d) Make sure I delete the video from flash folder and replace the name with the one I created.

           I did all these steps. But the problem is the .SWF that i generated is showing everything from the orignal template. It did change the content but I don't see any of my customize request. (Menu, logo or color)

      4) Then I open the index.html and I DID NOT see any of the changes in the content.

      My feeling is they did not provide me the correct .FLA file. I really need your help.


      My confusion is a) Have they provide me the correct .FLA file or I am doing something wrong. b) When I generated the new .swf video and renamed it properly why it didn't reflect in the index.html file.


      I am really going back and forth with them since last 15 days and its not going anywhere. I really appreciate any help.