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    keyboard doesn't work in when debugging flash

    Highland Matt D

      Yesterday all keyboard input quit working in flash applications  I think Firefox updated itself and maybe there was any automatic flash update along with that--I'm not quite sure.  BTW, the keyboard works fine in all other applications including any other non-flash web page.  At first I thought it was just happening just while debugging, but the same thing happens when I run w/o the debugger. 


      Here's what I've tried:


      1. Tried using Safari rather than firefox, same result, no keyboard input.
      2. Tried rebooting, no dice.
      3. Tried uninstalling flash altogether and re-installing, still no keyboard
      4. Tried uninstalling flash and installing an older version, still no keyboard


      All the above are with the debug version of the flash plugin.  One other detail is that I can paste using ctrl-V and that works, though it's extremely inconvenient to navigate my application that way.


      I found this bug, which seems like the same problem, but under slightly different circumstances than mine:



      I'm shocked at the length of time this bug has been known with no solution for people that are running into it.


      Is there a way to get keyboard input to work again?  This is pretty much a show stopper for getting any real work done on my application.