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    Access rights in Dialog?


      I'm urgently looking for an answer for this:

      I have a custom component with a dialog for some settings (textfields, e.g. a textfield with the name "./abc" and then I'll reference properties.get("abc", "") in the jsp).

      In the dialog, some of the settings require higher privilege. So if I want those textfields (or tab panel) visible only to a specific group of users. How can it be done?

      Or, is there any alternative ways to achieve this? (Some settings only availabe to a specific group of users)


      Thank you!

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          TJ Iaciofano

          You can remove read rights on the jsp panel node in your /apps/ components directory for the group that shouldn't see the panel. This works in practice but I haven't tested the consequences long-term. I suggest you test your build mechanisms once you start applying ACLs to component nodes. Someone feel free to poke holes in this solution....

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