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    Custom container which works like parsys


      Hi all,


      I'm building a site for my client. They require a custom component which works very similar to parsys. That means they can drag and drop components (and custom components) from the sidekick to it. The only differences are they want this "custom-parsys" to be able to limit the number of components it can contains and it can also specifies which kind of components it accepts.


      For example, they will place this custom-parsys on the left hand side as a "left-menu" and then set it to "accept text component only" and "accepts 10 components max.". And then they'll place one more custom-parsys on the botttom and set it to "accept banner component (customised image component) only" and "3 max.".


      Please help to answer or brainstorm this question. I can explain more if you guys cannot understand the question...


      Best Regards,

      L. C.