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    Not able to export files in any format from PP 5.5 new installation.

    Mr Diesel

      Hi all.

      Hoping someone can help. I just recentlyinstalled a full licensed education version of CS5.5. I was previously running a trial version. I have been trying to export a project, yet everytime I try and export, it crashes at around 2%. I have tried a number of different export formats and have adjusted the codecs to settings that I knew worked in the trial version. It just comes up with an "Unexplained error".

      it's driving me nuts as I have to get this file output.

      the file I am trying to output is 2 hours and 10 mins long, although I'm pretty sure the length would not cause an issue as it exported fine in the trial version.


      has anyone encountered something similar or can anyone please offer a solution or advice.


      thank you in advance.