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    Problems with RichEditableText component


      Hi All,

      I'm using a RichEditableText component to display text. The application is similar to a forum page, with posts and replies. All these posts/replies are displayed in a RichEditableText component. The problem that i am facing with this is:

           Upon user login, the application fetches all the posts and replies on the screen. The user is provided with options to search across the forums or move across different categories of forums. When i perform these actions "WITHOUT" clicking on any existing RichEditableText components, i can see the results on the page without any problems.

           But if i perform these actions after clicking on one of the posts displayed (which are basically RichEditableText components), when the results are returned, the component on which i would have clicked shows no text. It just displays empty space. But when i click over that empty space, the text is displayed. I have no idea why this is happening. I haven't messed with its visible property at all.


      Looking forward to your suggestions/insights.