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    referencias cruzadas


      Hola, mi problema es que quiero relacionar el número de las imágenes con las referencias en el texto, es decir:



      Como se observa en la figura 26:



      Pie de foto: figura 26


      Para que así cuando cambie el número del pie de foto cambie también el número en el texto.

      He estado mirando en el foro y parece ser que esto se hace con las referencias cruzadas, pero he estado mirando y me parece que esto es más para hipervínculos... no sé, además como problema añadido tengo que mi texto en el pie de foto (figura 26) está hecho con un estilo de parráfo y listas numeradas por lo que no lo puedo seleccionar.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I believe you speak English as well, as you asked a very similar question two days ago, so let me see if I can explain this to you.


          Your figure captions should use a unique paragraph style. Place your cursor where you want the cross-reference to appear, then in the Hyperlinks panel (cross-references are handled in the bottom half of the panel) click the Create New Cross-Reference button or choose Insert Cross-Reference from the flyout menu.


          In the New Cross Reference dialog click on the name of the paragraph style used for the captions, then choose the correct paragraph from the list on the right.


          In the Cross-Reference Format drop-down list choose Paragraph Number, then clcik the little pencil button to edit the format. In the format dialog click the + button under the list of formats to creat a new format. By defualt this will appear as the name of the currently selected format followed by (1). You'll want to rename it to something more convenient, like Figure Number. In the large block onthe right you should see the reference code for the paragraph number. Click in front of this code and type "figura " (without the quotes, but include the space). If you want to add a character style to the cross-reference you can do it here, too.


          Click the Save button, then OK.


          For additional refernces you will only need to pick the paragraph and choose your custom format from the list.