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    missing tools panel

    eny erawati

      missing tool panel.jpg

      the tools panel is missing and give me an 'internal error occured' warning window.

      the ctrl + F2 doesnot change anything. i've tried the uninstall reinstall, but that doesnot help either.

      the display was set to the highest setting, and i did not find any colapsed icon to expand or drag in.

      and the property inspector is just blank.

      can any body help?

      thank you

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          groove25 Level 4

          I don't know if it'll help or not, but you might want to check out this thread:



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            eny erawati Level 1

            i cant find where it is.

            i've opened the mozilla plugin folder, but the there are none of Flashbug/FlashFirebug plug-in in there.


            unsolved still.

            but thank you for your kindness response

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              groove25 Level 4

              In Firefox, try looking under Tools > Add-Ons to open the Add-ons Manager window, and then look under Extensions. At least that's where I think you'd find it—but you may not have it installed. I have to plead ignorance here: I have the Firebug extension (which I never really use), but not Flashbug or FlashFirebug, which I guess are extensions of Firebug that are geared towards Flash.





              Again, this may not be the answer, but it seemed worth suggesting.

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                eny erawati Level 1

                thank you, again.

                i've tried it.

                but it seems doesnt solved my problems.

                When i compare folders in CS3 and CS5, the required folder of my CS5 seems to be more 'emptied' than the other.

                if i compare it to the required folder at Photoshop, in fireworks there are no default tool preset, no defaults of anything.

                i am stuck.

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                  groove25 Level 4

                  Sorry to hear that! Problems like yours are a bit out of my area of expertise... Is your version of Fireworks recent enough that you still qualify for tech support from Adobe?


                  Adobe Support and Customer Service

                  Monday–Friday, 5am–7pm PST


                  Fireworks Help: http://helpx.adobe.com/fireworks.html


                  I'm wondering if the problem might be related to a bad preferences or user configuration file. Do you have another user account on your computer? If you did, I'd log into the other user account, open Fireworks and see if the same problem occurs. If the tools panel appeared, then I'd imagine that it's that type of issue. (Then again, your original post referred to an "internal error" warning dialog, so maybe not...). The following Adobe Help page provides some information on where to find the configuration and preference files:


                  http://help.adobe.com/en_US/fireworks/cs/using/WS4c25cfbb1410b0021e63e3d1152b00db4b-7ffc.h tml


                  To avoid losing settings you'd rather preserve, I'd probably move any suspect files into a folder on your desktop, rather than trashing them. Then you could restore them later, if it turned out they were not causing the problem.


                  Oh, wait! I just found a more detailed set of instructions for troubleshooting Fireworks preferences:




                  As for the Required folder, I'm not sure where that is... Is that application-specific? I have older versions of Fireworks and Photoshop, and they may not have the same folders that your version does.


                  Hope this helps somehow!

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                    eny erawati Level 1

                    many many thanks for your kindly attention.


                    i dont know which one did i do that make it right today.

                    all i know is that i've tried so many ways, and finally end up fixed.

                    yes, it is fixed.

                    i guess, i do install it right after the last uninstalling. i ve update the video driver as well, though the GPU at my photoshop is still can not be enabled.

                    but, the first frustrating problem was solved. beautiful.


                    again, thank you.