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    Topic titles in Search always showing up in English


      We are working with a RoboHelp HTML v8 project with 247 topics.  Inside each topic, we are using conditional build tags to mark the content for each language inside each topic.  So for each topic file, it has a section of English text, French text, German text, etc.  Each marked with a build tag indicative of the language.  When I compile each CHM file for each language and open one of the non-English help files and click on Search and enter text, the topic titles shown are in English.  If you click on one of those in the list, you see the preview of that topic with the appropriate translation shown.  My question is if there is a way to get a translated topic title to show in the search results list instead of the English text? 


      The only way I see to do this is to create multiple topic files (a new topic file for each language for each existing topic file in our project).  I would rather avoid having to do this.  Is there any other way of doing it?  Thanks!