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    Encore deleted all my files!!!!


      I'll try to be super calm.....

      After Exporting project from premiere pro, Opened Encore, chose new project. Chose the destination folder to my project folder where all premiere project files, source video, audio, and logo files were. Then I got a warning dialogue that said "Choosing the same Folder name will delete the folder contents. This operation can not be undone, are you sure you want to continue?" so I clicked the Hell NAWW button. And just in case, I checked. And it deleted everything except cache folder and resources (which I can assume belong to Encore projects)

      I clicked NO, this still happened. Files are not in the trash, can't be found by searching. Where are they? It's a 1:45:00  multicam project that I told the client would be done by today.

      Please oh please, tell me I can find those files.

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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          Don't change anything on your system until you determine if the deleted files can be recovered from your hard drive.


          I am very afraid that you may have deleted your files. I just did a test, and Encore deletes everything (including preexisting folders) when a project is created with the same name as its project folder.


          When I answered "no" (do not create the project and delete the existing folder), it did NOT proceed and did not delete anything.


          When deleted, no files or folders appeared in trash bin.


          Use a utility/expert to try to find and restore the files if you have not done other things in the meantime that have saved over the old information.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I have had very good luck, by using either Stellar-Phoenix, or Recover My Files, so long as I do it IMMEDIATELY after my mistake, prior to any overwriting of the HDD.


            Good luck to the OP,