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    Closed captioning with Premiere Pro CS5.5, exported to wmv/mp4

    Bruce BFD Level 1

      My employer suddenly has a push to be ADA compliant, so all videos going forward need to have captioning, and would prefer to have it closed captioned. I've read that you can add captions with Encore and output them to disc, but since all of the videos are posted online, nothing is burned to disc so that doesn't help. I also know you can use scc or mcc files to add closed captions to a broadcast stream, but since these aren't for broadcast, that doesn't help either.


      All of this means is that I need to add closed captioning to online video only. What I'd like to know is this: Is there any way to add closed captioning to video that will be streamed online? Or, am I doomed to putting everything into lower thirds?


      I'm using Premiere Pro CS5.5 (I also have AE CS5.5).



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          PP can't export CC to a file.


          But then again, I don't know any any online CC standards anyway.  I've never seen any online player that offers the ability to turn such things on and off.  And as far as I know, there are no standards requiring CC for Internet video, only for broadcast.

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            As a broadcast engineer, I would suspect, and it would make sense that online video files would also be encoded with EIA-608 and EIA-708 set forth by the Electronic Industries Alliance and monitored by the FCC ( Broadcast Standard ). This makes sense to me as all existing video programs which already comply with the EIA-608 and 708 standards would then, automatically play closed captioning when encoded to a video file for playback.


            The FCC has recently required all online video to include Closed Captioning as per the Accessibility Act of 2010 ( FCC: MB Docket No. 11-154) Subpart 6 of this document appears to define that all devices which may playback video through the internet, must be able to support the CEA-708, or closed captioning for digital broadcast television. CEA-708 is a form of embedded data often referred to as metadata which is contained within the MPEG-2 stream.


            Not to get too technical about MPEG streams, but in essence, even though your end up with a single file, there are traditionally 3 elementary streams of data contained within. Each one has a PID, or Program Identifier number which identifies the Video Stream, Audio 1 stream and Audio 2 Stream. Additional elementary streams can be added such as a data stream containing Closed Captioning- or whatever like Dolby Digital. The PID allows a Demultiplexer to split the streams appropriately for playback.


            I would hope there is a program out there that would embed the scc or mcc file ( however they are produced )  possibly after you export the sequence to a file. One of my favoite and best kept secret long-term video websites out there is videohelp DOT com. there is a plethera of kewl software to do all weird things to video, maybe even add CC!


            All this still doesn't help us with Premiere Pro though...