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    After Effects CS5.5 - Poor performance


      The tech info:


      • After Effects 5.5 Version
      • Windows 7 x64 SP1
      • The problem persists when no video is present
      • No error messages are being shown
      • Atempting to "Play" in preview or attempting to "Ram Preview" will show the larges problems, seeking in the timeline causes the entire program to hang as well
      • Not on this computer (My computer specs below)
      • Chrome, Skype, Steam, Taskmanager (closing all of these does not change the problem)
      • No thrid party codecs are installed
      • My computer is as follows:
        • Core i7 920 (Bloomfiled) OC 3.2ghz (4 cores, 8 logical threads)
        • XFX 7970 3GB
        • 15GB DDR3 1333mhz (OC 1666)
        • 120gb SSD (280mB/ps read | 240mB/ps writes @ 4k) 25Gb is free
        • Zero external drives are conected
      • I am using no 3rd party IO hardware of any kind
      • The problem persists when OpenGL is on or off
      • The problem persisits when I am using "Render Multiple frames" and when it is not enabled


      My problem is that when I set up a project at 1920x1080 and just ask it to play a black screen I get ~12fps Not Realtime if I set the "preview quality" down to 1/2 I get ~10fps if I set the preview quality down to 1.5% I get ~8fps. While this is occuring my CPU usage is hard at 12% (one logical CPU pegged). When seeking the entire program will hang for 2 to 3 seconds while it grabs and "renders" the next empty frame, adding effects and clips does not change this performance in any way, I can have several clips placed in the timeline and performance persists at its constant 12fps regardless.


      If anyone has any ideas Im open, Id love to get after effects working but in this state I spend 75% of my time waiting for the program to "start responding" after asking it to seek.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Do you use the disk cache? What is your screen setup? I'm 90% positive that your graphics setup simply sucks (for professional work, that is, not for gaming), but could also be issues with disk caches of sorts...



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            Blackley1 Level 1

            Disk Cache is enabled, My screen setup is 3 Monitors in portrait 3240x1920.


            Disk cache shouldnt be a problem my SSD should be able to play raw frames from the disk directly (142mBps @ 24fps) so thats 1/2 of max throughput.


            Where could the graphics be hanging up? CCC shows less than 5% of GPU usage when running and stays clocked down, Open GL is disabled.


            After effects just simply isnt compatiable with 7xxx graphics cards?

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              I think you are pushing your screen setup too far, especialyl since using them in portrait mode causes additional overhead for turning the desktop. Try just 2 screens and use them in normal landscape mode and see if AE behaves better. I'm sure it will...



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                Blackley1 Level 1

                There is almost no overhead in "rotating" the monitors, thats all native to the GPU. There is no performance difference between 5760x1080 and 3240x1920. If there is any overhead its going to be in the de-stiching of the backbuffers. But this problem persisits even when I am not in an eyefinity display group. Double checked by rotating out of portrait mode as well same performance issue. Figured this was stupid and disabled my other 2 monitors and checked just by using one, same problem no framerate change whatsoever. Thought it my be because of HDMI, nope same thing on DVI.


                I dont know what kind of computer still has issues with simple translations of pixels, if this were the early two thousands I could understand where your coming from but its not so I am confused.


                Also if it were having trouble with "translating" the pixels 2 things would have happened and below is why I believe that is not possible.


                1. Because after effects is running on a different process the "overhead" that you speak of would be handled by the other 7 logical threads or the 88% of the processor that is sitting free.


                2. If the "translation" was not handled by the CPU and was GPU bound, that means the bottleneck would have to occur within the GPUs pixelshader array or vertex processor, both of witch are sitting clocked down and not under load. When openGL / DirextX / OpenCL is used the GPU will clock up and become under load, at that point the bottleneck could occur. But this is not the case.


                3. After effects has no knowelege of a "rotated" or "eyefinity" display, in windows, the backbuffer is handled the same as any other rotation of the monitor as a simple 2D array of pixels.


                I only wish it were so simple as using just 1 monitor.


                Any other ideas?

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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                  But you GPU doesn't have infinite resources, either, does it not? I'm not getting into conceptual arguments about the rest. This will only end in a pointless technical debate that is not relevant to the issue at hand. Anyway, if changing the screen configuration doesn't change things, then this could still be a driver issue and/ or AE not properly dealing with those excessive resolutions which in turn stil lis a miscommunication between driver and the application, after all. So where to begin? Also still try turning off your disk cache. Corrupted cache files have been known to cause ill effects.