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    Possible to add Image Sequence to PDF?


      I am using InDesign CS5.5 to develop a catalog. I recently updated and installed the Digital Publishing Suite, so I now have the Image Sequence feature in the Overlay Creator. I was wanting to make a 360 Viewer of a product with images I have. I have noticed that these features seem more focused on development for publishing to tablets, but is it possible to add such interactivity to a PDF instead of an EPUB or SWF?


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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          No, that is not a feature that can be included in an interactive PDF file.

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            But isn't there a work around in Flash? I'd also need exactly this to support larger documents than allowed in DPS...

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              How large a file are we talking about? What exactly are trying to accomplish and what is the target device?


              Flash will not work on iPad or most other mobile devices.



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                hoppe82 Level 1

                It's all for an exhibition that's interactive (digital) in one venue and printed in another. The file has to be at least 1920 x 4320 px (4 full HD touchscreens mounted next to each other). The idea was to use swf embedded in pdf because the same file has also to work for poster print with the smallest amount of extra work possible due to tight timings.


                First I tried DPS because it would have been the most seamless workflow for this but it turned out Pdf in combination with swf would give also the option to use additional animation features in indesign and would support this document size.


                I've also tried to use Quicktime VR for 360 rotation, but I need to have a transparent background…


                I've seen the example in this first post here (3D_Rotate.swf) which is something I would think of. But I can't find a as3 script to manipulate the timeline of image sequences in Flash with mouse and gesture swipe like the one in ID:




                Didn't know if the DPS forum is the right one but this thread seamed to lead to a good solution