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    Skinning Spark components

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      This question was posted in response to the following article: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flex/using/WSA95C9644-B650-4783-B5C0-D2C7F95A23E3.html

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          Bramblethorne Level 1

          So...  Is there just no such thing as Actionscript examples or how-tos or best-practices any longer?

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            jrunrandy Adobe Employee


            I'm not quite sure what you mean. If you're looking for ActionScript examples for Spark skinning, then yes, the Flex docs are pretty MXML-centric. If you're talking about ActionScript docs/examples in general, we still have:


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              Bramblethorne Level 1

              Thanks.  It's the MXML-centricness that I question the advisability of, and it's far from -just- the skinning topics.  Especially when considering that you cannot 'extend' a visual component container containing uniform visual content (say, a title and content container), there's no other option than to move the uniform content to a scripting section or an external class.... There's a thousand similar situations where MXML as a facade language falls short.  The real power is relegated to Actionscript, but so far as I can tell, there's no way, in the context of the editor, when one is coding, that you can easily launch api documentation for something that is either a) AS3-centric, or better yet, a comprehensive hybrid of both the facade and the nuts & bolts.


              This really throws the focus away from, for lack of a better name, 'power users' building enterprise level entities and focuses it on those who aren't building anything that really utilizes the awesome power of this fully-operational battlesta.... sorry.  I got carried away.  Flex -is- the professional 'grad school' alternative to the visual IDE of Flash, and yet the Flash help in context for class editing is far superior.


              Yes, the API docs contains the exhaustive list of properties inherited properties, events, methods, and the like.... with terse expansions on each and a few alerts to special circumstances (you can't set object properties outside of a function in a scripting section... things similar to that) and best practices, just as in Flash, but nothing to tie it together and display the rather more complicated syntax required for AS3 than the VERY simple facade/markup language.  


              A little amusing to me because the MXML 'section' at the top is brief and terse... just a quick summary of every single property you can set, as pops up when you ctrl-space, and then pages and pages of AS3 'Guts and bolts'.... and then -all- the examples are primarily MXML.... nothing showing how to correctly harness the awesome powe... sorry. I'm alright.  Just give me a second.


              You've given me external aids, but they are not intergrated into the IDE, and it's that 'feature' of the IDE that makes it such an enjoyable platform for development....  but not as enjoyable/powerful/fast/convenient if you're working from the AS3 perspective.


              This reminds me nothing so much as when I was forced to work for 5-6 years using Macromedia's Authorware.... it was clear that Authorware was the red-headed step child to the golden-child-flagship Director to Macromedia's way of thinking....  The clearest indicator is that when you opened the help documents every example for the Authorware lingo and much of the API was Director lingo in content, syntax, etc, and contained information that was incorrect in Authorware.


              Add to this the sad situation that in my experience, using google to find help and examples for something you wish to do in Flash Builder nets you ONLY MXML examples, even if you try to force it to return actionscript examples....The 'only' is only slightly hyperbolic.  Stackoverflow and whatnot...  Primarily MXML.  Wailey wailey!



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                Bramblethorne Level 1

                Or more tersely put, the I in IDE stands for Integrated