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    CQ Sites with many registered users




      With CQ 5.2.1 I tried to setup a mass-user site registering users as standard CQ users --> more than 50.000 users.


      I soon discovered that user creation started to slow a lot (40-50 seconds to create a new user) and decided then to manage users in a different way.


      Analyzing the node structure for users:


      /home/users/<first_letter_username>/**** 1 folder for each username


      It's clear that with thousands of nodes, childs of <first_letter_username> folders will grow a lot.  If there is one thing I have understood with JCR is: 'please don't put too many childs in the same folder'. A new node creation tends to become pretty slow, near blocking.


      On that solution (5.2.1) I moved to a database approach to manage my user data and authentication. Now I'm facing similar scenarios on 5.4 instance and would like to use embedded CQ user management


      My question... the above mentioned user structure in the repository is still there in CQ 5.4. Am I going toward performance issues when creating thousands of users?

      What about newsletter registrations? if I want to use newsletters in MCM I'm going to insert many users in these folders. Are there any performance issues I might consider? Or best practices to follow?