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    Tried soundbooth forum nobody there it seems

    howmanyscreennames Level 1

      I want to download a couple scores and save them on my computer, but I would rather not store them on my C: drive (which is a solid state drive). I would like to store them on a storage drive where I have most of my other assets. I checked this out on the help files and was instructed to go to preferences/general tab/ and select where I want to store my files. I did all of that and when I look in my general preferences it shows that the correct storage drive and path is selected. But, when I download a score from Adobe it actually saves it on my o/s (C:) drive in the path of C:/users/public documents/adobe/resource central/soundbooth-3.0 (en-US)/scores/ambient/thefile.zip




      Is there a way to get these files to be kept on my storage drive instead of the o/s drive?