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    LR4 vs LR4.1 RC2

    quenton8 Level 2

      So I have had no problems (performance) with LR4.0 -- and have posted this a number of times.


      So I installed 4.1 RC2 and tried editing a newly imported photo.  The sliders seem to do nothing???  So then I waited and 4 or 5 seconds later

      something happened.


      As an example, I dragged the Exposure up about 50 points -- no change to the photo.  Then a few seconds went by and the photo changed.

      NOTHING like this before.


      I kept pthe 4.0 install (I had renamed it so it did not get deleted).  I renamed it back and ran that -- worked perfectly -- dalay might have

      been a few milliseconds.


      There is something going on there that is NOT simple performance of LR4!!!


      So I am back in 4.0 and everything is fine.


      I am working on a new Windows-7 64 install on a new PC purchased to support LR4 (had XP before).

      It is running Sophos firewall and virus protection.  Other than LR and CS6 its used for software development and

      has no nasty web things running on it.