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    Problem with cover page when creating kindle book from export to kindle



      I am building a kindle book in indesign 5.5 for the first time and am having a problem with the cover image for the book.

      I have the image in jpg format (image is 800 X 600).

      I can create the mobi format book fine and all is well except for the cover page.

      When I am viewing the book in Kindle Previewer the cover page is not the full image with the right hand side being cut off.

      This only applies when using the device type of Kindle and Kindle DX. When I change device type to any of the other types (Kindle Fire, Kindle for iphone or Kindle for ipad) the cover page is the full image.

      I also tried reducing the image size (500 X 666) but still does not show the full image.

      On the kindle previewer I used the rotate screen option( to change from portrait to landscape) and the full image of the cover page is displayed.

      Has anyone encountered this problem before?

      Is there a better way to create the book other than using the export to kindle ?.