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    Source video won't render




      Recently I can rarely get MPG video files from my camcorder (Sony DSC-T300) to render in Premiere Pro. Often the video disappears from the preview screen. But even if it doesn't, it will usually still fail to appear in the final render, even as its audio and any Title layers I use always render.


      This didn't used to happen before with my camcorder files, but suddenly now it happens on 90% of render efforts.


      The appearance of a file with the same name as the MPG file but with extension XMP in the source folder ensures that the video will disappear in the preview. If I delete that file, the video usually reappears in preview, and may but more likely won't render. I'm at a complete loss to know how to resolve this emergent problem.


      The problem also happens in After Effects.


      Any help is appreciated!



      Premiere Pro CS5


      Quad-Core Intel Xeon

      2.4 GHz

      ATI Radeon HD 5770

      Memory:    8 GB

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          A=A Level 1

          I've found that if I place the MPG file in a track and don't crop it and don't include any other tracks -- just the raw untouched file -- then I can render it and import that file and use it normally, ie, crop, add titles etc. But the drawback with this work around is that the final edited rendering has lower-quality 2nd-generation content.


          But for some reason for me, Premiere and AE will no longer render an original camcorder MPG video file if there's been anything like cropping done to it.