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    Why do I have to reinstall the content CD for Premiere Elements 10?




      I've installed the software Adobe Premiere Elements 10 and Photoshop Elements 10 an WIN7 (x64) GERMAN

      The content CD is installed, too.

      After some correct software initializations (start ups), let's say I used it 5 times successfully, the next start of Premiere Elements 10 brings up

      a popup windows complaining:


      "An incomplete set of contents (InstantMovie, title- and menutemplates eg.) has been installed.To install the complete contents set, insert

      your content-DVD or download the contents from the internet.

      Would you like to install the contents now?"


      My only solution is to deinstall the content-DVD completely and reinstall it!

      This is nasty! It take 15 minutes to do so and surely is not a correct behaviour!


      I have checked for updates and am running the latest version!


      If anybody could help me to correct this misbehaviour, I would really be thankfull ...


      Thanks, Klaus