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    Adding BC Blog into website made in Muse




      While I applaud Adobe for creating something as simple to use as the BC and Muse for us dumb designers, its clearly not for me the dumbest of all still, lol.


      Creating blog in BC-check.


      Creating a site with pages in Muse-check.


      Integrating BC blog into a website-


      I'd like to know whether there is some step by step for the dummies tut out there, or whether someone here could, pretty please, walk me through it.


      I understand that U have to select the right template for the blog in BC controls so it looks site-wise. Then put {tag_pagecontent} html (?) into your website and drag it horizontally over the site so U create just the right diz (?).


      After the site is published U go to Add blog to a webpage, U click where U want the blog and that should be it (?).


      My problem is, when I do all above, in Blog preview I only get the selected theme on Blog posts only, the index page of the blog remains default theme. On the actual site, on my designated Blog page, I get this one-letter-per-line stripe on the left side of the page telling me that there is a blog (Blog name, last posted, total posts, etc.), then I have to click the blog name to get into the actual blog, which displays correctly (the one with the /_blog/NAME_blog). If I try to skip this and just link the Blog to the /_blog/NAME_blog, it doesn't work.


      Please help.

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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hey there,

          You do not need to add a blog to a web page.

          I am not a fan of Muse for a number of reasons so try not even to look at it (burns my eyes! lol) but once you make a blog, have a templated selected for it you just need to link to it from, say a dynamic menu.


          This will take you to the overal view which is controlled by the main layout of the blog. this has blog tags to control things like the number of items in the list view, things like the catagelog list etc.


          In general some tips are:


          - On the main page of the forums on the left side there is a link to "tags quick reference" which shows you all the tags availible to what layouts of the system, very handy. If Muse also shows you them when you have a layout open, then cool.

          - Change the blog list tag in the overall layout to show how many per pagination as you need - {tag_postlist,5}

          - In the Blog Post list layout by default it just shows the whole post which isnt great, change the content tag in that layout to - {tag_blogpostbodypreview,Read More...} which will render your first paragraph and the read more bit is the text you want the link to the full article to be.


          Again not knowing muse you can access the blog layouts via FTP in the folder called layouts and in terms of the admin - Module Templates - Blog Layouts.

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            im8 Level 1

            Hey Liam,


            Thank U so much for the answer! This is what Ive been trying to do, as well, but pretty much pasted link somewhere else.


            Your tips will come in handy, too!


            A thousand thank you's, kind sir.