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    Need help with an InData/InDesign project


      We have an InData prototype (writen for InDesign) that needs modification. The person who created this InData prototype is no longer available. So far, I've had no luck in finding anyone who might step in and help with these mods. Any suggestions on where I might go to find this assistance? Thanks.

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          Hope doing good, I am sunil from India, I belive i can help you !


          Step 1- Indata plugin should in installed then.

          Step 2- First select codeing window that you are using to import the data from source and then go to Indata plugin and select use story as prototype > then, Preference > Data> and Basis format should be Tab- Delimited>then OK

          Step 3- You will get the data into indesgin template if you don't have error in your code.






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