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    Sharing ADE authorization


      Hi.  There are a group of 4 who want to share some of our books (we have Kobos).  Each of our Kobos are setup with our own emails. Three of us installed ADE and authorized it with one of our email addresses.  I of course, used my own.  I was told I had to deauthorize and then authorize with our common email.  I did that.  Now the books that I downloaded from Kobo won't reload into ADE (I highlight the .acsm file, click "Open with ADE" and nothing happens), and the books downloaded by the others won't load into ADE.  And I can't unauthorize again (nothing happens).


      Everyone else appears to be working ok. 


      Also, their Kobos are setup with their email, Adobe authorization is the common email account. My Kobo is setup with my email, and Adobe authorization says "not signed in".


      So how to I get documents into ADE? And how to I sign my Kobo in for Adobe Authorization?


      Cheers (although not so cheery right now)

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          Keep in mind that what you four are doing is exactly the kind of activity

          that the Digital Millenium Copyright Act was passed to prevent.  Digital

          rights to ebooks are set up by publishers and distributors (KOBO included)

          to make sure that those ebooks aren't copied and distributed, and the

          ebooks you've downloaded may have settings that will prevent you from

          downloading the ebook.  Before you start screaming about the 'right to

          share property', remember that the digital world is not like the paper



          ADE is not set up to handle this situation.  Trying to trick it into doing

          so results in problems associated by its limits on the number of devices it

          supports.  You can try going back to your original email ID and see if

          anything changes to confirm that this is the issue.  Then, you 'may' be

          able to download the same ebooks to your account.


          You may be able to copy the ebook to another device by using the computer's

          utility programs (not the ereader's) and then import the ebook into your

          ereader.  That depends also on the digital rights settings.




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            Thanks for responding.  It was not our intention to break any copyright laws.  We read that you can authorize ADE on up to 6 computers; I guess we misinterpreted that as being able to have a shared library.


            Regardless, I cannot unauthorize ADE; I try to and nothing happens.  I can't do anything with it.  Do I need to uninstall it and reinstall it to get it authorized on my computer with my account?



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              And if I do need to uninstall it, how do I?  I've been a PC user for 25 years (yes, I'm antiquated); this is my first mac.


              The instructions I found are:

              From your user directory, locate /Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/www.macromedia.com/bin/open.

              Drag the digitaleditions1x5 folder to the Trash, and empty the Trash.


              However, I can't find a Macromedia folder anywhere; not under user directory nor system.