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    formatting discussions




      I'm working on a book which contains a collection of short novels. The book contains discussions which usually look like this:


      - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur sodales
      urna eu ipsum egestas scelerisque.

      - Suspendisse ultricies sollicitudin lacus.

      - Nulla ultrices ultricies felis, a pharetra nunc lacinia nec.Maecenas eu purus magna.


      As the full text is justified, if the discussion line is longer then the page width, it will wrap to multiple lines and all but the las line will be justified.

      The problem is that it effects the whitespace right after the front dash, and if a single line text is followed by a multi-line text, the first words won't be aligned.


      - Single line.

      -    Multi    line   with    increased    whitespaces

      due to justify.


      The result is never so bad like here in the example of course, but it can be still pretty annoying.


      Is there an easy way to fix it, preferably without converting all the discussions to lists? Is there a special space character which can't be expanded by justifing the paragraph? If yes, maybe a regexp replace could fix it.


      Thanks in advance,