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    Tabs - can you insert using a nested style?

    HSGROW_HK Level 1

      I use InDesign CS5.5 for Mac. As part of my thesis I have set up numbered paragraph styles (used for headings) My university require the numbers to be presented in a particular way in the text, that is flush see example in Blue below


      1 Heading (Level 1)

      1.1 Heading (Level 2)

      1.1.1 Heading (Level 3)         


      rather than


      1        Heading (Level 1)

      1.1     Heading (Level 2)

      1.1.1  Heading (Level 3)   


      As such my TOC looks frightful in terms of alignment when I use the Blue format. If I were to use the Green format the TOC styles keep the 'tab' between the number and the heading, this looking nice and everything aligns well.


      My question is - presume the blue format is being used - is there a way to use nested styles to insert a "tab" after the numbering but before the other text in the TOC style so that I don't have to manually add this to every entry? Would really appreciate some help here - as I am a wee bit out of my depth. Thanks!