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    School Yearbook as an epub


      I am a complete newbie at this and have been learning as I go.  We have a very small school, and I am doing the yearbook via inDesign.  I have my pages set and have included video as well.  When I export to an interactive PDF, it's beautiful and all is well. . .on the computer.  I then got the brilliant idea of trying to set this up to work on the iPad but have learned that the isn't possible as a pdf and need to go epub.  This is very new territory. I am using CS5.5.  Is this possible to do?  To have full color pages, with background images, photos, and video?  When I've done a couple test files, I got the video to work, but everything else was a mess.  The format was awful!  Is there something that tells me how to format?


      I'm sorry for the ignorance, just making this up as I go and maybe I'm trying to be too ambitious.  Thank you for your patience.