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    INdesign Cs4 applescript/java script




      plz give me the solution of this prob:


      find all the table in indesign spread and wraped it all.. with apropriate  spacing..

      i used this script:




      tell application "InDesign CS4"


      set myDoc to active document

      tell myDoc

      set BlackColor to color "Black"

      set myTable to item 1 of selection

      set SolidStroke to stroke style "Solid"

      tell myDoc


      tell selection

      set properties of myTable to

      {inner column stroke weight:0.25

      , inner row stroke weight:0.25

      , top edge stroke weight:0.25

      , bottom edge stroke weight:0.25

      , left edge stroke weight:0.25

      , right edge stroke weight:0.25}


      set properties of myTable to

      {inner column stroke color:BlackColor

      , inner row stroke color:BlackColor

      , left edge stroke color:color BlackColor

      , right edge stroke color:color BlackColor , bottom edge stroke color:BlackColor

      , top edge stroke color:BlackColor}


      set properties of myTable to

      {inner column stroke type:SolidStroke

      , inner row stroke type:SolidStroke

      , left edge stroke type:SolidStroke

      , right edge stroke type:SolidStroke

      , bottom edge stroke type:SolidStroke

      , top edge stroke type:SolidStroke}


      set properties of myTable to {left inset:1, right inset:1, top inset:1, bottom inset:1}


      end tell

      end try

      end tell

      end tell

      end tell