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    Premiere video formats for import (Urgent.... please)

    VibrantGraphics Level 1

      Hi there,


      I am relatively new to Premiere and therefore asking a very basic question.

      I had a recent problem of getting a WMV file from buyer and as of today I have not been able to convert it to any workable format to import into Premiere. The file conversion tools I tried so far could not get it done in one go as it seems it would take ages to complete a 74 MB file.


      My buyer is slightly annoyed with the situation as he believes I should be able to work this out. He has finally asked me that I should give him a list of file formats that I can work with.

      Having seen the Premiere's "All supported media" list in the import dialong, I am bit reluctant to pass this on to him as I fear he might get confused with such a long list of available formats (Screenshot attached).

      Besides recording his video with his Cannon camera, he also sends me files produced by online webinars.

      Can you please suggest me what formats (3 or 4) should I ask him for editing jobs. Is there any precuation for him before sending these files (should I ask him to care for encoders/codecs he is using for his video outputs). Like someone mentioned here yesterday that if a file can be played back by Quicktime, then it is alll good for import in Premiere.


      Your help would be much appreciated.