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    How do I get the HTTP Authorization window on my FB/AIR iPad App?

    Alan Gruskoff

      I am building a mobile iOS App using FB 4.6 on a Mac, trying to get data from a site that has Apache Basic Authentication. My testing is promising in making a mobile App for iOS on my iPad.  I was encouraged that the adl emulator DID put up a login dialog (Name/Password) when the secured web site was addressed.  I get that same login window on the iPad in Safari going directly to the data URL. So great, the data is there as seen on the iPad, lets make this work!


      Installing the resulting  .ipa file onto the iPad gets inconsistent results. First, there was just an Error 2032 on the  URLLoader load error routine.  This is with these settings:


      var xmlFileReq:URLRequest = new URLRequest(urlSource1);

      xmlFileReq.authenticate = true;

      xmlFileReq.idleTimeout = 30 * 1000;


      No login window.


      Then I hard coded in my own login credentials as:


      URLRequestDefaults.setLoginCredentialsForHost("", "alan", "1234");  (fake)


      This then bypassed the login window and went ahead to get the secured XML file data just as it should.  I suppose I could fake my own login window and pass the inputs to the setLoginCredentialsForHost, that seems kludgey and yucky. 


      Is AIR disregarding the authenticate = true ?

      How do I get my FB/AIR App on iOS to show a HTTP Authorization login window like it does so nice in the adl emulator?



      Alan Gruskoff

      Digital Showcase LLC