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    Having trouble exporting file from After Effects CS5.5


      I am trying to add some titles to a Multi Camera mix I have finished. I have exported my multi cam that I created in Premiere Pro as an MPEG.


      So hears what I have done:
      - open After effects
      - create new composition (HD 1080x1440- length 2:16 (so clip fits)
      - I place my clip in the time line the type some text.

      - in the effects bar I click the roll up and select "Browse Presets" which opens adobe bridge
      - I apply my effects and they play back in elements fine...


      When I try to export my clip as a Premiere Pro Project it doesnt keep my animated txt when I open it. Says it does not support the presets. his


      Con someone please help me export this project? Getting very frustrating. I need it as a High Res HD file

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Create the titles in After Effects without the MPEG.  (Or if you must use it as a reference, go ahead and do so, and then when you're done creating the title, delete the MPEG.)


          Then go back to PP and select File>Dynamic Link>Import After Effects Composition...  Navigate to the AE project that has the title, and bring in that composition.  It will appear in your bin as a clip.  Then you add it to the sequence and export the completed video with titles.