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    compiling Director files

    uxk Level 1

      I have couple of old version Director Projects (MX 2004). I would like to know the best way to compile all these projects

      into an HTML portfolio so that it can be viewed online.


      Moreover, I would like to know the best way to compile the above Director Projects into an interface, to be used in a DVD.


      Kindly advise the best way to compile all my files so that it can be easily viewable online and in a DVD. If I create a projector of each project,

      does the other person have to download shockwave player or any other third party xtras. Any example links would be useful.




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          josh_chunick Level 1

          Because there are all sorts of considerations when publishing to web or to a CD/standalone executable there's really no best way other than to state, 'make yourself familiar with what you can and cannot do in your project when publishing to the web.' this would include (but is not limited to) such things as only using web-safe xtras, removing or refactoring certain lingo commands/code that does not work in shockwave, etc.


          As far as a DVD is concerned, it's easy enough to create a main projector that allows you to launch your other projectors with the simple _movie.go() method or opening the movie as a child window (of type #document or #tool).