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    help authorize device


      r I have downloaded the latest ADE and authorized my pc with the same email and password as my sony reader prs-T1. It is an approved decvice and supposedly on the ADE site one of the improvements is authorization to Sony reader....however ADE does not recognize the device and gives me the option only to authorize the computer....pls help.*

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          I'm having the exact same problem.  ADE doesn't recognize my Sony PRS-T1, so I haven't been able to "authorize" it, although ADE has been authorized...

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            That particular SONY ereader seems to give people fits when they try to use

            it with ADE.  There are several posts in the Forum that discuss the

            details, and maybe you can search it to find them.


            One thing that seems to have helped is to make sure that the SONY Reader

            Library has been created on your computer.


            Also, be sure that you've followed the proper sequence to get it attached:

            ereader plugged into the computer and recognized by it, then starting ADE.

            Sometimes people start ADE first, and that doesn't work.



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              I have read all the previous posts on this issue.I got excited by the possibility of reversing the order, attaching the device first and then opening ADE but it made no difference.The books on the reader were not downloaded from the particular laptop I am using but I cannot believe that would be a limiting issue as my books have nothing to do with ADE and I am not about to delete all of them and re install to find out.I would rather expect a problem with the software.

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                OK well I still cannot get ADE on my pc to reccognize "authorize device " however I

                made sure that ADE has the same email address as my reader( you can deauthorrize DE and reuthorize it again with another email address if it is not)

                Then,  with Reader  for pc  installed on my laptop I could download a book from my library which Reader software picked up, then I could synch it to my reader and begin reading! Lots of steps but successful end result!