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        Thank you for reviving this old thread, which I had all but forgotten by now.


        My post #11 from just about a year ago was composed while I was still misconstruing the issue, a misconception that was corrected by Noel Carboni in his post #13, which I thanked him for and acknowledged in #14 one day short of a year ago.


        The reality is that the referenced preview near the bottom of the Open dialog box was never there in any of the Mac versions of Photoshop from version 7.x through CS6.


        In version 7.x, what is now known as Bridge made its first appearance as Photoshop's File Browser.  I have been using Bridge to open my images in Photoshop ever since.  It's the first application I launch after a cold boot of my Macs, and it runs 24/7 for months at a time.


        I strongly suspect that Adobe did remove the preview near the bottom of the Open dialog box from Windows versions of Photoshop entirely on purpose, expecting that users would start relying on Bridge and, now, Mini Bridge. 


        The fact that the feature apparrently is still there in Windows versions of Illustrator and InDesign is explained by the fact that those applications do not come with Bridge when sold as stand-alone applications, only Photoshop and the totally artificial "suites" do.

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          Jez(UK) Level 1

          Hi Station_two,


          And thank you for your response.


          I totally agree with you - that Adobe want to push us towards Bridge and I do use Bridge a LOT - but come on (Adobe) when I go to File->Open, I'm not 'in bridge mode' I'm in the Open Dialog mode and there is where I would think that it costs nothing to keep something useful that serves a very basic, important and vitally useful purpose in an imaging program.... the ability to *see* the image before committing the open action.


          Yes, I know I can change the default Open settings to show me small/medium/large and extra large previews but that doesn't work for a LOT of file types (eg .exr) and in any case a lot of the time I also want to read the file name AND preview it at the same time - seems Adobe only want me to do one or the other, but not both......


          I'll take a look at incorporating Bridge more into my workflow, perhaps I need to go that way from now on....


          Thanks and kindest regards,



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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            For what it's worth, the preview is coming back in Photoshop CC, well, kinda, sorta, on PC.


            The dialogs have been updated to use new style OS Open / Save dialogs, which have a Preview pane.


            But the Preview pane only works if there's a codec that understands the file format.


            So someone like me, with a PC and who has 3rd party thumbnail/preview software, like the FastPictureViewer codec pack I use, can have a fully functional preview in the Photoshop CC File - Open dialog. 





            Personally I actually prefer the preview pane disabled, as the thumbnail view gives a good overview...





            I don't know what the Mac dialogs are going to look like in Photoshop CC; I don't have a Mac.



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              EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID!!

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                peterochabski Level 1

                Seriously, fix this, its comical that your flagship image editing program cant preview its own files... Straight up ridiculous that it used to and you removed the feature... That we all use dozens of time a day.

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                  ClaytonKing Level 1

                  I had been interacting with several forums about the missing preview in the Open dialog. someone from Adobe was adamant that Microsoft and Apple were forcing these changes because of security issues. Nevermind that this change wasn't implemented across the entire product line. Fast forward to CC and in addition to bloated software with all sorts of "new improved" features, higher overhead and overall performance degradation, one must still install a 3rd party codec or use Bridge, possibly one of the most heinous pieces of code ever to land on my computer. It's also one of the reasons Serif's Affinity Photo is gaining traction. They're comparatively small, but they listen to the user base.

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                    Photoshop image are not displayed in my my preview lane Help me

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