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    Freezinng with document info window


      I have a problem with all of the programs in my Master Collection CS5. When I open the document info window it comes up blank and then freezes the program. Mouse clicks don't work and the blank window won't close. The only way to exit is to force quit. I'm on Macbook with 10.6.8 OS. This happens iwth all progrms, Illi, Indesign, Dreamweave ect. Is there a setting I could have worng?

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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hey there.

          This is specifically for business catalyst, if you have issues with creative suite software you will get better help in the right section of the forums.

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            John Hawkinson Level 5

            Looks like someone was kind enough to move this to the InDesign forum.

            Please run InDesign and get it to hang, and then open Activity Monitor.

            In Activity Monitor, select InDesign and choose Sample Process. Save the output, upload to http://pastebin.com/, and post a link here.

            Next, still in Activity Monitor, run View > Send Signal: Abort (ABRT). You will get a crash report. Upload that to pastebin.com (and post the link here).


            We should be able to tell you why your software is freezing.

            Though a good bet often is 3rd party plugins, or Adobe's SING component.

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              theowlsong Level 1

              John, Sorry for posting in the wrong forum, this is my first time here and it was a little difficult figuring out where to post this problem. Thank you for the detailed fix for this problem, however I beleive I have managed to fix the issue on my own. I uninstalled the master suite and cleared the HD of all adobe data than reinstalled. Took me all day but it worked and the problem with the info window has stopped. I beleive you are correct in your analysis that it was a plugin or something having to do with preferences as the issue was a bit strange. But I am fixed for now. Thanks