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    Should I upgrade my processor?


      Here is what i currently have:


      HP d5200t ATX computer

      Q9550 CPU

      8GB DDR2 RAM

      7200 RPM drive

      Premiere installed on a SSD

      ATI Radeon 5850 gpu



      So..... Premiere seems to work GREAT when I have a video and audio track, and that's it. I can do real time playback, and all seems fast. The second I add any (and I mean any) effects though, the CPU's spike to 100% and the entire thing slows to a crawl. This is mostly with "Auto" effects, like Auto Color. I did some manual adjustments with the regular Color adjustment and it didnd' tseem to slow things down.


      Is my CPU a bottleneck? If I replace the CPU I will also end up getting a new Mobo and upgrading to DDR3 RAM and probably putting 16gb in. Just don't want to waste money in case there is something else that is the issue.