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    Play a series of sounds w/o overlap?

      hey guys,

      I'm doing my first Flex/Air application. It's essentially a for-fun project to help me learn the tools. I'm a musician, and I'm building an ear training application.

      I have generated a bunch of .mp3 files, and I'm embedding them like this:

      private var A3Natural:Class;


      private var A3N:SoundAsset = new A3Natural() as SoundAsset;

      Then, eventually, A3N.play();

      They're all one-second clips, and I need to play two of them in a row without overlap. Any ideas?

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          FlexConvert Level 1
          Ok, I kind of figured it out. I'm using the timer class to trigger the second sound one second after the first sound.

          Now, this only works because I know how long the clips are. It's a little inflexible down the road. I may want to play short sound clips of music for things like musical dictation. Timer's going to be a tougher implementation than "onSoundClipEnd()" would be.

          Any other thoughts?