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    Sandy bridge is ok now I hope? New build help.

    grandpooba2 Level 1

      I did do some searching on here and am building a new machine to work with ppcs5.5 .

      This forum has the best tech guys I have ever seen so I will do my best out of respect to make my text ramblings clear lol.


      I have built the Videoguys DIY 8 system http://www.videoguys.com/Guide/E/Videoguys+DIY9+Its+Time+for+Sandy+Bridge+E/0xe9b142f408a2 b03ab88144a434e88de7.aspx


      I also have 5  drives at my disposal. 1= OS drive/boot, the other four still up in the air on best setup for this machine. I did look at Harms generic disk displays and might

      have an idea but open to whatever advice is offered. Ok advice would be still awesome. ; )


      I guess I am just making sure theis setup with the 17 2600 is a good choice for cs5.5 and 6.

      I did see some negatives on the forum about it. I have one day till I must decide to keep or return lol. Ouch.


      Thank you for your time guys. I mena that.



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